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 Read Please..

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PostSubject: Read Please..   Sat Jun 09, 2007 1:33 am

#nsc.pug channel can be found at Quakenet

The NSC Pug channel idea is made by:
- [NSC]RsBlackMan
- [NSC]VoDka

The Pug Bot "NSC-Pug" is made by:
- [NSC]RsBlackMan

Bot-Controller may NOT be kicked.
This mIRC Client is also made by [NSC]RsBlackMan (running on his PC)
if this client is gone, than people are not enable to start the pug bot.
It also wont restart it auto. any more.
This client also bans people that say's 5 message's in 10 seconds (accapt @ people), the victem will get a 5 minute ban.

Please, do NOT spam the bot.

1: How does the bot works?
2: What are the commands?

1: How does the bot works?
You add your self to the !list by typing !add [team / sub] for example:
!add red will add you to the red team.
!add blue will add you to the blue team.
!add sub will add you to the sub. list.
!add will add you to the pug list as 'Random Team'.

Once you're in the list you can use the !leave command to remove your self from it.
If you quit IRC or leave the channel it will remove you auto. from the list.

Once the pug is started you will revive a Private Message with the IP:Port and the password.

2: What are the commands?
You should use the !commands command to look what the commands are.
But i dint realy work on it yet..
So a few usevol commands:

!ip this will show the current server ip + port + pass.
!list this will show who is currently in the list for the next pug.
!last this will show the lastest pug.
!liast this will show !list and !last
!add this will add you to the current !list.
!help this will help you to pug, little discription.
!commands this will show all commands.
!q [ip / ip1] this will query a ip:port or this will query ip1.
!rules this will display the standart rules.
!status this will show how many pugs are played and give's you the link the the UTstats.

for now.. that are the commands..

(topic still under-construction)

Found any errors / bugs or somting else? Please make a post with begin: [BUG]
You want some one to ban?
Please make a post with the begin: [BAN] and put the reason and any proof with it.

Help is always welcome.

Have some fun!

Ooooh well, Fire Missiles!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Read Please..   Mon Jun 11, 2007 9:45 am

Thanks good sharing i will be on teh pug if am home I love you . Nice work really farao
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[NSC] Lover
[NSC] Lover

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PostSubject: Re: Read Please..   Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:20 pm

Nice RsBlackMan Wink

Good words :p
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PostSubject: Re: Read Please..   

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Read Please..
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